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Department of Religion, Culture and Gender Studies.

1. Doctor of Philosophy in Religion
2. Doctor of Philosophy in History
3. Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
4. Doctors of Philosophy in Anthropology
5. Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy.
6. Master of Arts in Sociology
7. Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology
8. Master of Arts in Religious Studies
9. Master of Arts in Gender Studies and Development
10. Masters of Arts in Anthropology
11. Masters of Arts in History.
12. Master of Arts in Philosophy
13. Bachelor of Arts with Education
14. Bachelor of Sociology
15. Bachelor of Arts Religion and Cultural Studies
16. Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies
17. Bachelor of Arts (General-Religion)
18. Bachelor of Arts (General-History)


1. Prof. Jamin Masinde (PhD. Sociology - Visiting Faculty)
2. Prof. Joesph Koech (PhD. Religion - Visiting Faculty)
3. Dr.Mohamed Mraja (PhD. Islamic Studies)
4. Dr. Suleiman Chembea (PhD Islamic Studies)
5. Dr. Florence Anyonje (PhD. Kiswahili)
6. Dr. Roselyster Riang’a ( PhD. Maternal Nutrition - Visiting Faculty)
7. Dr. Anthony Waiganjo (PhD Gender Studies)
8. Dr. Nancy Barasa (PhD Gender Studies)
9. Dr. Nafula Fredrick (PhD Philosophy)
10. Dr. Denis Juma (PhD Philosophy)
11. Dr. Ruth Nyambura (PhD History)
12. Dr. Duncan Mukhwana (PhD History)
13. Mr. Simion Korir (MA Religious Studies)


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